I recommend this self-discovery journey to anyone aiming to create a context of humanity within their organization. In the age of upheaval, top-down power structures and rule-choked management systems are a liability. They crush creativity and stifle initiative. As leaders, employees, investors, and citizens, we deserve better. We need organizations that are bold, entrepreneurial, and as nimble as change itself.

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Ad hoc programs designed for you and your team

For over 30 years we have been working with companies and organizations - in private, public and social sectors -, accompanying individuals and teams in their process of transformation, growth, leadership and personal development. Through our experience and by working together we can design a program based on your needs, starting by one of the following areas:
There is no change which does not embody the team manager’s will and commitment: for this reason, I have involved in this process, from time to time, several leaders of my teams, allowing all of us to be where we are today ...
Federico de Nardis SSA for GroupM - CEO
Who we are


We are coaches and facilitators, but our work group is enhanced by people who attended our workshops and who actively share our goal: co-creating for ourselves and others a context where the potential of each individual can be free and develop towards consciously fulfilling our future together.

What we do


Our methodology is based on more than 30 years of experience involving hundreds of individuals, leaders and teams from companies around the world. This structured process is dedicated to change our mind-set, in order to gain a clearer vision that enables us to attain our potential and contribute to transforming the professional, personal and/or family contexts in which we operate.