A Leadership and Personal Mastery seminar is scheduled to be held online from 22 to 28 November.

The seminar will provide us with the opportunity of seeing how our unconscious behaviours hinder us and, in order to achieve what we really want in our personal and professional lives, how to make full use of our qualities and resources, in tune with our deepest aspirations.

We find ourselves in a world we are not trained to understand. In this context, it is difficult not to be at the mercy of events. We put forward the idea that each of us has the qualities and resources needed to face the present situation. By making full and conscientious use of these resources we can contribute to creating value in our lives.

Click here for the complete program.  The first day (Sunday) and last (Saturday) will be full days, whilst the 5 weekdays will be afternoons only.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us at contact@co-crea.ch

NB Places are limited.