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For over 30 years we have been working with companies, organizations, teams and individuals to accompany them in the process of transformation, development and confrontation with a world which is changing at previously unknown speed and intensity.

Our team of coaches and facilitators has been trained by human development and organizational learning innovators. Our different cultural and professional backgrounds guarantee a wide variety of perspectives that are useful to support people in identifying and overcoming the personal barriers they have regarding change.

Our work group is enhanced by people who attended our workshops and who actively share our goal: co-creating for ourselves and others a context where the potential of each individual can be free and develop towards consciously fulfilling our future together.

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Our methodology is based on more than 30 years of experience involving hundreds of individuals, leaders and teams from companies around the world. This structured process is dedicated to change our mind-set, in order to gain a clearer vision that enables us to attain our potential and contribute to transforming the professional, personal and/or family contexts in which we operate.

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Programs framework

Our purpose is to work with companies, organizations and teams from the beginning, starting with a first assessment, with an analysis of needs and potential obstacles, toward the design of the most effective program in order to route the achievement of shared KPIs.

COCREA: a shared commitment

Organizations are made up of people and we believe that it is only by changing the mind-set and broadening the vision of the individual within the organization that a context can be co-created in which everyone is engaged and can achieve his professional and personal goals.

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