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Started in the 1990s through the work of Claire Nuer, our methodology is based on more than 30 years of experience involving hundreds of individuals, leaders and teams from companies around the world. This structured process is dedicated to the individual, to teams and organizations and includes workshops combined with personal and team coaching sessions.

This process aims to identify the dysfunctional unconscious behaviors, of both individuals and teams, that get in the way of fulfilling our goals, projects and ambitions in professional and personal contexts. These behaviors do not allow us to draw upon our full creative resources.

At the end of the process, once we have become aware of these dysfunctional mechanisms, we are able to take responsibility for these and commit ourselves to transforming them, thus opening ourselves to a new paradigm. By changing our mind-set, we gain a clearer vision that enables us to attain our potential and contribute to transforming the professional, personal and/or family contexts in which we operate.

Based on the last 30 years research in neuroscience, our methodology springs from two premises:
  1. two states of human beings exist: a reactive, survival one and a creative one in which intuition, harmony and trust emerge.
  2. the brain, thanks to its elasticity, is constantly evolving and our mind-set can always be changed

Our commitment consists in providing the tools to shift from a reactive state to a creative one, enabling those resources that allow us to play an active, consistent and conscious role in our lives.

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Programs Framework

Our job is to work with companies, organizations and teams through an initial assessment and analysis of their requirements and potential obstacles, in order to design the most effective program and set a course of action towards the realization of shared KPIs.

Ego Personal Impact

The Ego Personal Impact is an initial analysis that allows you to identify your unconscious behaviors that are blocking or limiting your full creative potential, your vision and goals.

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