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Personal Coaching

The personal coaching program is aimed at transforming the experience of the workshops into a regular habit in order to consolidate the new mindset.

  • What is the greatest obstacle you are encountering? What is working and what is not?
  • What do I need to experience to find out what I want?
  • What about the difficult conversations that did not go the way I expected? What have I missed? What have I learned?

The development of the “Art of the Shift” from the reactive to the creative state, quickly becomes a personal art directly connected to your deep distinctive qualities that you can choose tap into to lead your personal and professional life.

Team Coaching

Keep the commitments and agreements taken during the Team in Vision.

“The commitment we have taken as a team is very difficult to keep, that we cannot make it happen”.

As with individuals, organizations face the same challenges.

The coach supports you in to sticking to the decisions you’ve taken, through clarity, alignment, difficult conversations and connections, in order to keep your energy focused on the Vision and on the results the team wants to see happening.

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Our methodology is based on more than 30 years of experience involving hundreds of individuals, leaders and teams from companies around the world. This structured process is dedicated to change our mind-set, in order to gain a clearer vision that enables us to attain our potential and contribute to transforming the professional, personal and/or family contexts in which we operate.

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