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The Ego Team Impact is an analysis with measurable KPIs that allows you to make a preliminary assessment of your team and its unconscious dysfunctional behaviors that are blocking your vision, your high creative potential and the results you want to achieve.

  • What is the impact of the collective Ego of your team? How it is hindering your vision and goals you want to achieve?
  • What are the consequences of your team behaviours for your organization?

Our goal is to work with you and your team in order to understand its impact and find out what is really going on in your professional context, while identifying the most common obstacles and the hidden mechanisms of your team. Once you are aware of the Ego Team Impact you can take the decision to move forward and make a real change.

This is for us the true challenge to change.

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Our job is to work with companies, organizations and teams through an initial assessment and analysis of their requirements and potential obstacles, in order to design the most effective program and set a course of action towards the realization of shared KPIs.

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