Start date: October 2018

Description: The Gym-Poussette project allows the association set up by Mr Steeve Louissaint to enlarge the circle of partner municipalities in order to offer young parents the opportunity to come and work-out with their children.




Start date: December 2018

Description: This project is a collaboration between CoCrea and a French start-up called Epopia. The aim is to encourage children aged 5 to 10 to read by sending them personalized stories of which they are the hero. CoCrea’s mission is to develop Epopia in Switzerland after the success achieved in France.



Start date: September 2018

Description: The BeerPoint project was born in the premises of the Team Academy. This is a project that aims to create different events around the world of beer. Various sub-projects will be carried out throughout our Team Academy journey. The aim is to create a community that gathers around the world of beer.



Start date: November 2018

Description: WinPass aims to offer Wallis students a pass that will allow them to benefit from an exclusive offer (1 purchased = 1 offered) in several restaurants, sports institutions, transport companies or cultural associations.