Markus Spiske

The Goal

Go deep into the practice of the Personal Mastery to reach the next level of awareness and to focus on your profound aspirations.

  • in what way can I tap into my resources when I’ aware that my Ego mechanisms are blocking me?
  • in what way do I use my power over others or on the contrary, renounce my responsibilities?
  • what are the difficult conversations am I not having?
  • what are my profound aspirations?
  • what is the core of the life I want to create and why?

The Advanced Refresh workshop allows you to take stock of the state of your journey and define the next six months/one year.

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Our methodology is based on more than 30 years of experience involving hundreds of individuals, leaders and teams from companies around the world. This structured process is dedicated to change our mind-set, in order to gain a clearer vision that enables us to attain our potential and contribute to transforming the professional, personal and/or family contexts in which we operate.

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