Nikoline Arns

The Goal

Learn and experience the “Art of the Shift”, that is the how to move from a “reactive” state driven by your Ego to a more aware “creative” state.

The art of creating your life.

The 6-day workshop will allow you to:

  1. Define your Ego Model. What are the root causes of your dysfunctional behaviors? What is your “knot”? What are the consequences it has on you and on others?
  2. Connect emotionally to the consequences of your “knot” and find the energy and determination to overcome the Ego’s limitations and begin the transformation process.
  3. Connect to your deep aspirations “what do I really want?”
  4. Identify your qualities and see how to liberate them in order to create the future you want for yourself, your family and your organization?
  5. Identify the tools that will support your development

At the end of the journey you’re going to acquire tools and a method to consolidate the transformation of your dysfunctional dynamics and to unleash your qualities and resources at the service of everything you want to create with yourself, your team, your company and in your private life.

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