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The Goal

Create a context of trust where all team members are connected and inspired while co-creating the Vision, as the essence of everyone’s deep aspiration.

Open mind, Open heart and Open will, availability to meet the other, to open dialogue and exploration where each individual becomes a resource for the other.

Day 1 – 3: essence of Personal Mastery

During the first three days, work will be focused on the individual to learn how to be aware and to manage Ego limits and nurture a context of co-creation.

Day 4 – 5 (or 6): from Vision to Execution

In the second part of the workshop we will focus on:

  1. Create an inspiring Vision
  2. Define objectives and challenges for the long, medium and short term
  3. Share how each member of the team is required to evolve in order to co-create the Vision
  4. Set the commitments and agreements on the direction the team and as individuals need take for the Vision.

Key questions:

  • How to combine your individual experiences to co-create the team’s Vision, serving something bigger than the individual?
  • What do we want to create together? In the long term and in the medium/short term?
  • What are the counterproductive dynamics we have as a team that go against our commitments? What are the consequences? In what way are they an obstacle to our full creative potential as a team and as individuals?
  • What are the individual counterproductive behaviors that work against our collective goal? What are the benefits and the consequences? Do we want to take responsibility for them and what support do we need from others?
  • Is there any “White Elephant” that needs to be discussed?
  • Ultimately, what are the cultural traits that we want to see change and what do we need to create to keep the creative context alive?

See also


Ego Team Impact

The Ego Team Impact is an analysis with measurable KPIs that allows you to make a preliminary assessment of your team and its Ego unconscious dysfunctional behaviours that are blocking your vision, your high creative potential and the results you want to achieve.

Development / transformation

Team Coaching

The team coaching supports your team in to sticking to the decisions they've taken, through clarity, alignment, difficult conversations and connections, in order to keep their energy focused on the Vision and on the results they want to see happening.

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