Do you want to keep alive the focus, energy and determination you felt upon completing the Personal Mastery Seminar?

Do you want to exercise the “power” of listening to yourself and continue to widen your perspective, recognise your qualities and grasp new, unexpected possibilities in order to create what is important for you? Especially after this last year?

Well, you are not alone. We also feel it is important to be able to count on a support system that helps us keep on track, week after week.

With this in mind, we have developed a series of community appointments in which we will apply the methodology’s tools, discuss our projects and the difficulties we come across in our everyday life, while tapping into the collective intelligence and sensitivity of the participants.

For 2021, we propose a structured timetable for our monthly meetings. For those who want to participate, we ask for a steady commitment: 11 meetings, 2-hour duration (17:30-19:30 CET), once a month for the whole year (August excluded).

The meeting Calendar:

  • 12 January – Taking stock
    What are the challenging projects I want to realise in 2021? Who have I become? How can I organise my agenda to support my commitments?
  • 09 February – Immunity to change
    With regard to what I want, what are the obstacles that get in the way of realising the projects of my Letter A?
  • 09 March  – The Art of Shift
    With respect to my important projects, what part of my Ego is boycotting me? When am I at the mercy, how does my ego take power over others or renounce my power? What are my adult needs with regard to my objectives and consequently how do I want to act?
  • 13 April  – Difficult Conversations
    What difficult conversations do I want to face with respect to the projects and the people that are important to me? How can I manage these creatively, at the source, WITH the other person?
  • 11 May – Taking stock – My Letter A (4 months in)
    Four months into my Letter A, where am I with respect to my objectives? What has worked? What hasn’t worked? Which results have come to be, which have not? What have I learned? What are my needs? What decisions do I make now?

At this point, after taking stock of the first four months of the year, we will have new challenges to face! Something we will do using the methodology’s tools with renewed awareness.

  • 08 June – The Art of Shift
  • 06 July – Difficult Conversations
  • 07 September – Taking stock Letter A (8 months in)
  • 12 October  – The Art of Shift
  • 16 November – Difficult Conversations
  • 14 December – Taking stock 2022
    In light of what I have created in 2021 and the learnings acquired in the course of the year, what new challenges and new projects do I want to make happen?

Join us! We are so excited to continue our experiences and discoveries together with you.