Interview: Transforming Culture with the COCREA Framework

The emphasis on continuous learning and open communication has become a cornerstone of the strategy. The Bank is now better equipped to handle challenges and adapt to change. It’s helped us define and pursue our long-term goals in a more strategic way.

Becoming Myself

Working on Becoming Myself has been a revelatory experience that allows me to ask myself seriously and honestly what is important to me in my life

problem solver

I am a Problem Solver

The direct experience of an executive of a multinational energy company.

Change begins with leaders

The experience of a global market leader company in Media & Advertising Business, through the words of its CEO: Reason why it is important now to make a significant and profound shift in mindset. The challenges we are already facing are solid enough to force us to change. The risk is that we dedicate all our efforts to short-term solutions – we all have something we need to deliver tomorrow – and forget the longer-term solutions that will change dramatically our way of working and our delivery to clients.