Credits: Giorgio Trovato
Credits Giorgio Trovato

We have concluded another Personal Mastery workshop and – like every time – I move between nostalgia for all my travel companions (participants and facilitators, with whom I shared 7 very intense days) and the energy fuelled by the awareness that once I put in discussion the beliefs I have about myself and the mechanisms that I put in place to “protect myself”, the unimaginable becomes possible.

It’s the kind of dizziness I feel just before diving off a cliff into the open sea: terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Wish such an “adrenaline” feeling I am ready to jump, to get involved, to experiment and even to FAIL! (Even the mere word Failing is difficult to be pronounced).

Seeing that nothing is IRREVERSIBLE puts me in a new position that gives me the courage to dare, think big and see how it goes. How it goes with myself (my self-criticism is usually implacable) and with the people around me (colleagues, partner, friends, family etc.).

So I decided to give myself an “empty” space on my own. A space free from the things to be done (I’m the queen of checklists) in which I allow myself one of the most difficult questions for me:

WHAT DO I WANT, what is important to me, what do I want to create, in what context, with whom do I want to create it, how do I want to contribute, upon which qualities of mine can I rely on?

The wonder of this moment is that I authorize myself to think big, to imagine the impossible, the phase of concreteness and feasibility will come later and will also have another flavour, a different “specific weight”.

So, my advice is to take advantage of this moment of collective slowdown, punctuated by OoO emails and photos on social media of beautiful places, to treat ourselves with our personal “empty” space, to be caressed and nourished with our dreams, our desires.

Tatiana - coach COCREA