Until now, the area of leadership development has been very concerned on acquiring ad hoc skills and competences, and very little on human development. It is as if we were worried about acquiring new programs and new files without ever updating our operating system. Much more focus has been concentrated on the leadership learning than on the leader and on the development of his/her genuine mindset.

Our experience starts from the assumption that, not only is it possible to change our mindset, but it is especially thanks to this transformation that we can truly renew and draw on our talent and potential.

It is widely believed that no one really changes, neither the leaders, nor the teams, nor the family members, despite the programs, the refresher courses, the organizational changes within companies. This “resistance” is defined as “immunity to change” and our work consists of helping organizations intercept its roots in order to eradicate them and create a context that enables everyone’s potential.

This work is carried out on a practical level by engaging with the company from the beginning: sharing objectives, strategies and processes on measurable indicators/KPIs in order to increase the organization’s ability to fulfill its vision.

The following are some of the most common problems our customers are encountering:

  • a lack of communication between different divisions and teams, which are completely closed off from each other.
  • teams that are overwhelmed by operations and deadlines/urgencies? and lose sight of the long-term vision
  • despite incentive plan revision and the introduction of remote working, the situation has not changed and a great waste of resources continues to occur
  • the vision is not clear, priorities are not clear and established objectives are often changed

In reality, we see only one side of the coin and it is important to identify what lays behind: the dynamics, unconscious behaviors, invisible resistances – which are often subtle – that hinder change despite our best intentions. We plan assessments both for individuals holding key roles within the organization as well as team assessments.