Thanks to the workshop we become more aware of the automatic mechanisms of our Ego and of the impact they have on ourselves, our goals, the context we create at work and in our private life. We will see how it is possible to take the responsibility of transforming them in connection with our aspirations and with what we want to create in our life.

It is a process, it is not immediate, and it needs to be «tested» and experimented daily. Coaching and/or group coaching are therefore the first fundamental step, right after the workshop.

  • Personal Coaching
    10 sessions of 1 hour with a coach to transform the experience of the Art of the Shift in a personal art.
  • Group Coaching
    8 sessions of 1h 30 min in a group of 4 to 5 people, facilitated by a coach,  to learn how to support each other on the commitments and objectives taken during the workshop.

Furthermore, we propose to participate to our Community: 11 appointments of 2 hours –  throughout  the year – to regularly work on the obstacles we encounter in our life (with colleagues, children, in our couple etc). We will do this by utilizing the tools on the COCREA methodology and exploiting the richness of the collective intelligence generated by the participants.

We also propose multi-year programmes structured to learn how to coach Teams (Manager Coach) and on Cultural Change  (COCREA Inside Coach).

Please get in touch with us to identify together the path that best suits you.